Advertising using Revenue Sharing – Real or Ponzi Scheme

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If you’re trying to make a living online, the money is in you owning your own list.

We have listed here, in our opinion “The TOP 5 Safest and Most Effective Revenue Sharing Platforms” used to compound your marketing & list building efforts. –Get Daily Pay to advertise while Build Your List.

RevShare              RevShare                 RevShare                  RevShare
ViralAdPays        –MyPayingAds     –AdClickXpress      –MyPayingCryptoSds    


WARNING, BUYERS BEWAREThere many RevShares to choose from. None of them can guarantee you will get results, but you can and will when you choose wisely.

ListBuilder personally recommends the revshares listed above… And Wishes you  Non-Stop to the TOP Success!


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Advertising Using Revenue shares – Real or a Ponzi Scheme -Review

The exposure about Revenue shares is Out!
And man, Rev’s are HOT HOT HOT!  For the past few years heavy hitters, both marketers & investors, have been using RevShare, to power up their advertising little ReveShares marketing secrets; But it’s Traffic that is the number 1 commodity online. 
Everyone needs traffic!

Lately, I’ve seen A LOT of RevShare companies have come and gone as fast as they came… And this is where the “Poniz Scheme”Rap has come into play…

The two main reasons Revenue Sharing companies have gotten such a bad rap. One is, because there are bad people in the world, who could care less about you, setting up offers to take your money all the while planning to shut down and disappear.

The second reason is, because of government and regulating authorities demands, this includes online processors like PayPal, many have come and gone almost as fast as they have came for this reason.

I suggest Buyers Beware, because often time New can mean dangerous. When saying dangerous I don’t mean in a technical way, what I mean to say is you could loose your investment if that company is forced to shut down.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Doing your homework can be a challenge, because authorities will always put down or put out bad press, there is no money in good press.

Personally, I think that “governments” are control freaks; wanting to shut down any opportunities they haven’t taken full control over for themselves. …but that’s another topic.

We have listed The TOP 5 Revenue Sharing Companies in this Post…Their listing are not in any particular order. All 5 of them have proven themselves in this ways; , after being hassled by authorities; fighting the good fight they have made comebacks and proven themselves to us that they are here to stay through Longevity & Payouts .

So, What is a RevShare? 

A RevShare is when the company shares a percentage of it’s revenues when and if revenues are made to it’s affiliate members.

An example would be, when a RevShare Co. sells a “advertising package” (AKA shares) are purchased, at X dollars amount, the RevShare Co. not only agrees to promote that ad to the media’s, and its members, but they also agrees to share in the of the profits…

The RevShare Co. considers that purchase as profit and therefore agrees to share a fixed percentage of the profits.

An Example Simply put; you pay Mr RevShare 1.00 to post your ad, Mr. RevShare says;
thank you, I will post your ad,

Mr RevShare goes on to say; AND if you agree to look at ads from other members
I promise to pay you back the 1.00 plus .50 for every 1.00 you had spent.
So, for every $1.00 you spend, you get $1.50 back

…Some “mostly authorities” who want to control the world’s money “say” that all RevShare Platforms are ponzi scheme. They “say” that no person or company can legally promise a amount of return on a investment.

They go on to say; to suggest that offering a % amount of return on your money is illegal, (its illegal to make a commitment…lol)

But it’s OK to join, a online business that “by law” offers “no promises” to pay you anything, if you agree to performing time consuming tasks and hang in there…

But, heaven forbid promising to pay a specific % …if people could actually bank on something and be set free -financially speaking…the powers that be, will want to shut it down quick.

For The Record,  –in the last year, have personally made thousands of dollars using the RevShares listed above  –Mario Salerno, Mesa, AZ.

NEXT UP!  Corporate VS Multi Level Marketing…

Folks, I truly believe, that Whatever the Gov. says it is most likely that “The Opposite is true” Take Corporate “VS” MLM’s, for an example…

A TON of people have been hood winked into thinking and saying that MLM are Pyramid Schemes.

I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but didn’t the messiah in the bible tell us to go and do what he did… If each of us reached 12 people, who agreed to reach just 12 people willing to doing the same, the whole world would be reached between the 9th – 10th level…

MLM at its fastest


The Corp Pyramid In the “corporate world”…you will never, never pass up the ladder. You can not get ahead of the President & Ceo of the company.

The Company has ALL authority as to the wages you will receive and if you don’t like it, you’ll have to find a new place to work -hopefully at one that will be willing to pay you more money. -Corporate is a true pyramid model.

Oh and by the way, that’s why “The Rat Race” is called “Corporate America”

Now…Let’s take a look at what those “authorities” call  MLM’s. Even though it is most likely that more millionaires have surface through MLM’s than from corporate, MLM are most often called, by these “Authorities”, as Pyramid Schemes.

In the “MLM world” you can make a TON more money than your sponsor, you can climb the ladder of success surpassing the level of your sponsor, you can keep making money even if your sponsor gives up and quits. -MLM is a true cooperative model 

That’s just one example of….Why I said, and I will say it again…“Whatever the Gov. says, most likely, that The Opposite is true”



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LB’s TOP 20 Advertising Mailers

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LB’s TOP 20 Advertising Mailers (Below)

75 Percent Mailer
LB’s TOP 20 Advertising Mailers

Mailers are free to join and relatively easy to use. Cash valued credits are used, to purchase advertising.

Daily Credit Mailer
Both free and paid members can earn credits by viewing ad’s, or by purchasing them, via paypal or payza. Upgraded members get monthly credits without viewing ad’s and can mail more often, getting more views to your website.

Trouble is,
it seem’s as though there is a new mailer online every other week or so. And over the years, a great many mailers have come and gone, some in as little a month.

Fast List Mailer.So, how do you know which mailers work? …You don’t, but you can get a good idea by checking the Alexa rating, and the experience of the mailer’s owners & the testimonies of people who have used them.

Guaranteed Solo Mails Guaranteed MailsWhile each mailer is slightly different, for the most part, they all work about the same…

LB’ TOP 20 mailers for 2015-16, these mailers have proven themselves, as well as their owners.
LB’s TOP 20 Mailer’s.



Instant Mailz Mountain High Mailer List Unlocked Paragon Mailer  Soaring Mailer

Worldwide Mailer

Own your own sales funnel

Providing Helpful Tools To Build “YOUR OWN” List

Watch This Video & THINK ABOUT >Albert Einstein say’s; THE MONEY IS IN “YOUR” LIST!
If you are looking for “True Residual Income”, then owning “your own” is a must.

Your List is the most important part of your business. 

In fact, whether you realise it or not, most all businesses start with a Demographic Report or list “before opening” their business. A successful business provides a product or service to meet a demand or need. The new business, then looks forward to providing that product or service to those who need that product or service…

A demographic report can tell the business;

  • How many people live in a specified area,
  • Their age’s, and sex
  • Their average income levels
  • Their race or ethnic groups
  • Average number in each household
  • Education …etc

How to Begin Building Your Own List -An Online Demographic Mindset 

1st. you might want to find a town full of people (Online Traffic), “before” opening up a successful Hair Salon (Online Products & Service), because opening a Salon Location (Online Capture Page) in the middle of a forest with no people to communicate (Online Autoresponder) with in sight, you would most surely fail.

The Money is in the List!
When you order a product, fill out a form or pass out your business cards, you’re on a list. ..When you collect business cards, a name, an email or a phone number you’re creating a list …humm

Why a list so important?  ..If you own a home based business having repeat customers, or are a leader in a MLM or a Matrix type of business that requires team participation, if the company that you’re promoting goes out of business, you’re out of business.. 🙁

IF you have own your list… And that same serrano happened it’s no problem, because you can contact your best customers & leaders Via your list; and decide which new company/program you all would like to reposition yourselves with …and BAM you can jump right back into business!

Not to mention…all the startup & fast track bonuses your team would get along the way, simply because you already had a list in place…  🙂

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t Albert Einstein who said; “The Money is in Your List”’s still true. The Money Really is in Your List.

To start building your list online …Without hitting up your friends, family and facebook contacts, you’ll need access to these 4 basic items…

  • Traffic
  • Products or Service
  • Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder