Own your own sales funnel

Providing Helpful Tools To Build “YOUR OWN” List

Watch This Video & THINK ABOUT >Albert Einstein say’s; THE MONEY IS IN “YOUR” LIST!
If you are looking for “True Residual Income”, then owning “your own” is a must.

Your List is the most important part of your business. 

In fact, whether you realise it or not, most all businesses start with a Demographic Report or list “before opening” their business. A successful business provides a product or service to meet a demand or need. The new business, then looks forward to providing that product or service to those who need that product or service…

A demographic report can tell the business;

  • How many people live in a specified area,
  • Their age’s, and sex
  • Their average income levels
  • Their race or ethnic groups
  • Average number in each household
  • Education …etc

How to Begin Building Your Own List -An Online Demographic Mindset 

1st. you might want to find a town full of people (Online Traffic), “before” opening up a successful Hair Salon (Online Products & Service), because opening a Salon Location (Online Capture Page) in the middle of a forest with no people to communicate (Online Autoresponder) with in sight, you would most surely fail.

The Money is in the List!
When you order a product, fill out a form or pass out your business cards, you’re on a list. ..When you collect business cards, a name, an email or a phone number you’re creating a list …humm

Why a list so important?  ..If you own a home based business having repeat customers, or are a leader in a MLM or a Matrix type of business that requires team participation, if the company that you’re promoting goes out of business, you’re out of business.. 🙁

IF you have own your list… And that same serrano happened it’s no problem, because you can contact your best customers & leaders Via your list; and decide which new company/program you all would like to reposition yourselves with …and BAM you can jump right back into business!

Not to mention…all the startup & fast track bonuses your team would get along the way, simply because you already had a list in place…  🙂

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t Albert Einstein who said; “The Money is in Your List” but..it’s still true. The Money Really is in Your List.

To start building your list online …Without hitting up your friends, family and facebook contacts, you’ll need access to these 4 basic items…

  • Traffic
  • Products or Service
  • Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder



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